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Restaurant near Warsaw

Moments spiced with delight
You are just embarking on a culinary journey to discover modern variation of the traditional taste. Here, business, family celebrations and romantic moments taste really special, and the depth of aromas fill the senses with pleasure.
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Restaurant in the hotel

Find out our recipe for a good day
Discover the ingredients for successful business meetings, business trips, family celebrations and romantic get-togethers. Check how we turn an ordinary meal into a real feast.

The atmosphere of a culinary feast

We serve not only excellent dishes,
but also a pleasant atmosphere thanks to
professional and committed service.

Original tradition

We combine the flavors of childhood
and the richness of tradition with modern
recipes that delight the palate every time.

Perfect ingredients

Local suppliers provide us
with crispy bread, fresh vegetables and other
ingredients of the highest quality.

Buffet breakfasts

For "good morning" we serve appetizing
starters, fresh bread, aromatic pickles,
warm sausages, delicious scrambled eggs
and a wide selection of cold
meats and cheeses.

Polish cuisine

Every day we convince you that traditional
Polish cuisine can surprise you with
its richness and depth of original aromas.

Mediterranean cuisine

We travel through the best traditions of
Italian, Greek and Spanish cuisine and
we season it with our own ideas.

Savor at the Lamberton Restaurant

Leisure In The
Summer Garden

When the sun is a bit warmer we invite you for breakfast, lunch and dinners to our garden. We also serve grilled meat, fish and vegetables here! The interior of our restaurant is an appetizing mix of timeless elegance with a pinch of modernity. We offer a culinary feast for every occasion!

The interior of our restaurant is an appetizing mix of timeless elegance with a pinch of modernity. Here we serve culinary offerings for every occasion!

Business restaurant near Warsaw

New taste
of business

In our restaurant we serve and organize:

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A good restaurant near Warsaw


Are you traveling in business style? Or maybe you want to stop on the route to Warsaw or another city? In our restaurant, we will captivate your palate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we will make you stay in our hotel longer.

Celebrate family moments

Family dinners and celebrations

In our restaurant, we serve delicious family dinners and organize parties and celebrations with a tailored menu.

The excellent taste of our dishes is complemented by a friendly atmosphere that turns every meal into a real feast.

Romantic moments just for two

Romantic restaurant near Warsaw

Do you want to give your loved one appetizing moments that captivate the senses in a unique way?
In our restaurant we serve:

  • romantic lunches and dinners with excellent wine;
  • unforgettable anniversaries
  • Valentine's Day dinners and more ….
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